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Blood donation chair

Blood donation chairs must be precise and flexible. LINAK actuator systems gives you great design flexibility and freedom. Simply customise the medical healthcare chair for optimal movement, functionality and safety.

System solutions for blood donation chairs

System solutions for blood donation chairs

Any type of blood donation chair must optimise comfort and safety in blood drawing situations. At the same time, it must ensure ideal ergonomic working conditions for the caregiver or treatment provider. Blood donation medical chairs can help provide high-quality treatment with a wide range of electric actuator movement options and functionality. LINAK® offers simultaneous adjustment of height, backrest and leg rest. The precise and powerful electric actuator systems improve caregiver ergonomics with both ideal working height and easy entry/exit positioning. Movement supported by electric LINAK actuators contribute to fast and smooth positioning of the blood donation chair.

LINAK electric actuator solutions provide much more than just precise and smooth movement. Imagine the value of adding:

  • Improved ergonomics, optimising movement for ideal working conditions
  • Safety features and comfort, offering additional safety to the blood donation chair
  • OneConnect™, supporting high uptime with remote service

The shortage in the healthcare workforce is a proven fact. That is why the pressure on the health care sector calls for tools and equipment to assist daily treatment procedures.


Improved ergonomics

Electric actuator movement in blood donation chairs offers multi-adjustable options of backrest, leg rest and height i.e. the options of adjusting multiple actuators at the same time. Single or combined movement can be settled via movement patterns to ensure correct position for optimal treatment, comfort and ergonomics. These actuator movement patterns contribute to ergonomically sound treatment.


Safety feature and comfort

During treatment, especially longer treatment situations like blood donation, it is extremely important to focus on comfort and well-being for the patient. That is why LINAK system solutions provide smooth and reliable movement in all directions.

  • Low entry/exit height provides comfort and convenience for the patient by increasing safety and reducing risk of fall accidents.
  • LINAK safety features (Intelligent Ratchet Spline or Quick Release Damper) in the application minimise the risk of obstacles and personal injuries within the application - increasing patient comfort. In other words, the one-touch button for moving quickly into emergency positions increases the safety and comfort for both patient and caregiver.

Remote service to secure high uptime

We are known for reliable products with long and trouble-free operation. We know that to achieve high efficiency, a healthcare application such as a blood donation chair needs the combination of optimal system solutions and a reliable technical support procedure. That is why LINAK OneConnect™ provides remote access to service data for fast and efficient troubleshooting from anywhere in the world. This is how we secure high uptime of the blood donation chair.

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Hospital applications

LINAK actuator systems allow ergonomic adjustment in hospital beds, treatment couches/tables and patient lifts with optional accessories as a part of Intelligent Care Solutions™.

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