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Solutions for sprayers

LINAK electric actuators help raise and lift ladders and hoods as well as adjust nozzles and arms on modern agricultural sprayers.

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Actuators improve precision in sprayers

Optimising output from crop fields in modern agriculture requires intelligent equipment. Furthermore, regulations to protect the environment require sprayers to be able to fertilise soil according to mapped soil quality indicators. This ‘precision farming’ also includes spraying of herbicides and pesticides in grape or fruit plantations. With LINAK electric actuators, the equipment becomes even more intelligent and gains advantages such as:

  • Improved precision farming with intelligent solutions
  • Maintenance-free actuators easy to install
  • Thoroughly tested actuators with a long service life

In modern agriculture, care for the environment and focus on cost-efficiency go hand in hand. By being able to map soil quality and adjust the amount of fertilisers and herbicides in the crop field, farmers can reduce costs significantly and, at the same time, satisfy the regulations set by authorities to protect the environment. Electric actuators assist the sprayers of tomorrow by creating intelligent movement of nozzles and extendable arms.

Integrate actuators with the control system
LINAK actuators provide precise position feedback. The intelligent interface integrates with almost any type of control system. Combining position data with GPS tracking and soil quality indicators allows the system to allocate sprayer content precisely to specific areas. This is the essence of precision farming.

Have a maintenance-free solution easy to install
Electric actuator solutions have no hoses nor need compressors or pumps. This eliminates potential weak spots and makes maintenance redundant. It also means solutions are significantly easier to install - or replace in the event of damage. In other words, potential downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Rely on thoroughly tested products
Conditions in the crop field are often harsh. Mud, water and the sprayer content takes its toll on equipment and corrosion is a viable threat to materials. At LINAK, all actuators are put through a thorough series of durability tests to make sure they can cope with all sorts of strains and remain fully operational throughout their service life.

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Electric linear actuator solutions for agricultural machinery from the LINAK TECHLINE segment


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Solutions for mobile agriculture

Electric actuators from LINAK will help you simplify movement solutions for your application, and offer cleaner and more reliable machinery for agriculturalists worldwide.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller


Electric linear actuator solutions for agricultural machinery from the LINAK TECHLINE segment

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