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Supplier information

Supplier information

This page is dedicated to current and future suppliers of LINAK. Here suppliers can find relevant information as well as see which expectations LINAK has of its suppliers. 

Supplier quality policy
LINAK expects the supplier to have a sufficient quality and control system to ensure premium quality. 

  • LINAK purchases based on the zero defect principle. 
  • LINAK suppliers shall maintain a quality system that meets ISO9001, TS16949, ISO13485 or similar.
  • LINAK suppliers must sign and comply with the Quality Agreement

Supplier quality values
Our Supplier Quality Values explain how we implement our Supplier Quality Policy
The Supplier Quality Values help both LINAK and our Suppliers to align our 
expectations and attitudes, thus increasing quality and minimising quality costs.

At LINAK, we strive for the following six supplier quality values:

  • Clear and understandable requirements.
  • Our suppliers should have the capability to consistently fulfil the LINAK requirements. 
  • Our suppliers shall continuously strive for improvement.
  • Effective communication with our Suppliers.
  • Global partnership with our suppliers.
  • LINAK conveys the company's supplier expectations in our Code of Conduct. (Our suppliers must comply with the LINAK Code of Conduct.)

LINAK SIS (Supplier Information System) is an online SharePoint between supplier and LINAK. LINAK SIS is used to share documents between supplier and LINAK. LINAK communicates through LINAK SIS when an Engineering Change Order (ECO) or an Engineering Change Notices (ECN) occurs. SIS can also be used for RFQ-documents, Supplier evaluation documents and any other shared documents between supplier and LINAK. Once the Quality Agreement has been made, the supplier can download LINAK specifications from SIS.


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