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Bar feeders

LINAK actuators help adjust height and provide accurate loading of bars in modern bar feeders.

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Bar feeders

Actuator solutions for bar feeders

A focus on green solutions and a concurrent drive to become even more cost-efficient has encouraged manufacturers to go electric. Even large machinery now runs on electric power, and there is a demand for interlinked parts of applications which integrate with the entire production line. Using electric actuators gives OEMs several significant benefits such as:

  • All-in-one actuators easy to install
  • A maintenance-free solution with a long service life
  • A cost-efficient setup with low energy consumption

In modern production facilities, more and more machinery functions become automated. This calls for a higher degree of control in order to align processes and keep downtime to a minimum. Intelligence is added to allow control systems to monitor and automatically adjust the machines accordingly. In Bar Feeders electric actuators with integrated controllers (IC) help feed the bars into the machine as well as adjust it to the optimal height.

Save time - install all-in-one actuators
Hydraulic and pneumatic systems need hoses, pumps, or compressors to work. In addition, separate control boxes are required in order to integrate with control systems. With electric actuators, you get an all-in-one solution able to communicate with databus systems. This less complex setup makes installation faster and significantly easier.

Keep downtime low with a maintenance-free solution
The absence of hoses, pumps or compressors means electric actuators have no weak spots. This minimises the need for maintenance and significantly reduces overall downtime. A comprehensive scheme of durability tests at LINAK R&D makes sure all solutions have a long lifetime and a flawless performance.

Spend less energy being more cost-efficient
Electric actuators only consume power when actually moving. Even then, consumption is low. Furthermore, there will be no leaking of oil or other substances from a LINAK actuator. This makes the electric actuator solution the green solution as well as the most reliable and most cost-efficient choice.

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Actuator solutions from LINAK - smooth and clever handling in automatic bar feeders


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Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications


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Industrial automation solutions

LINAK actuators afford intelligent movement, precise adjustment, and accurate loading within modern industrial automation.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller


Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications

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