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Innovation is in our core. We take the lead and have the courage to make it real. We improve your life by converting ideas into valuable solutions of tomorrow.



Innovation means great ideas realised
LINAK was born from an innovative idea – the electric actuator – and over the past decades, countless new innovative products and complete systems have followed.

Our entire organisation builds on a wish to convert new ideas into innovative products. The LINAK culture allows everybody to present new ideas, follow trends, and to identify needs in the market. 

With experienced and highly skilled engineers around the world, we retain the best possible foundation for creating meaningful solutions and value-adding products for our customers.  

This is what it takes to truly improve the lives of consumers and end users across the world.

Every single LINAK employee knows this and we all share the responsibility. 

'I believe we can soon celebrate our 25th anniversary with LINAK. This is a reality as they supply high-quality products, are able to think innovatively, and follow the market trends.'
Lars Philip Knudsen, CEO, Able Nordic A/S
John H. Frost, EVP, LINAK A/S

'Big ideas for successful products do seldom come alone from a single person or department. The huge successes most often stem from solid new technology used to develop value-creating solutions for our customers or the discovery of overlooked market needs combined with tech-innovations. True innovation is a group effort – here everyone contributes'.

John H. Frost, EVP, LINAK A/S
Peter Gravesen, Senior PM, R&D, LINAK A/S

'When working with implementation of new technologies, we prefer to keep the process as open as possible. We often invite people from across the organisation – people with special competences, the one with the original idea and occasionally external experts. We do this to make sure that we build on existing experience and don’t miss important details. This way, we all get to learn new stuff, and our customers can rest assured that they’ll be ahead of the market when they work with LINAK'.

Peter Gravesen, Senior PM, R&D, LINAK A/S
About LINAK - Innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is in our DNA
The entire LINAK organisation is built on innovation. From product development to second-to-none supply-chain processes and logistics, we continually revisit and improve our game – often together with our customers. We encourage every single employee to be innovative.


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