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Mobile agriculture

Forage harvester solutions

LINAK electric actuators allow optimal positioning of crop accelerators and corn crackers, and provide perfect ergonomics in forage harvesters.

Forage harvesters

Tough actuator solutions for forage harvesters

Durability and sheer strength are keywords when it comes to modern forage harvesters. Cutting anything from grass or corn to willow tree for woody biomass also calls for immense flexibility and, as the season spreads out over different crops, so does the demand for robust solutions. Using electric actuator solutions, you will enjoy several advantages:

  • Minimise maintenance and prolong durability
  • Receive intelligent feedback to optimise performance
  • Improve safety

The increased demand for more sustainable energy sources has brought more attention to woody biomass around the world. Species such as willow and poplar have proven to be very efficient. However, to harvest these materials equipment needs to be significantly more robust. On forage harvesters, LINAK actuators can do the job of adjusting crop accelerators and corn crackers. Solutions allow the driver to monitor and optimise output as well as adjust the seat and the steering wheel to improve ergonomics.

Benefit from durable and maintenance-free solutions
Eliminating any weak spots by removing hoses, pumps and compressors from the equation reduces the need for maintenance. LINAK actuators are tested thoroughly prior to release to ensure durability even in rough environments. This means a long service life with minimal downtime for maintenance and repairs.

Benefit from flexibility and precision with intelligent actuators
LINAK actuator solutions come with built-in intelligence to give BUS communication feedback to any control system. This means drivers can monitor and adjust positions to optimise output while working, and easily adjust equipment for different purposes.

Create a safer place to work
Being able to monitor and control everything from the driver’s seat improves safety. But if manual intervention is required, LINAK actuators are safer as they are not reliant on engine power to work. LINAK solutions are also low-energy, with a standby consumption close to zero.

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Linear actuator LA37
Linear Actuator Solutions for Forage Harvesters play-icon

Linear actuator solutions for forage harvesters

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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How to get Plug & Play™ movement for your industrial application

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