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Industrial automation

Systems for soldering ovens

Actuator systems from LINAK help move hoods and doors to ventilate hot air from your soldering oven, while keeping your employees safe.

Soldering ovens

Actuators keep soldering ovens safe

Safety initiatives play an increasing part of consumer focus worldwide. Employees are expected to be safe from harm without compromising the quality of products. All while driving down costs and keeping efficiency high. Using electric linear actuators, you can merge it all.

  • Intelligent actuators able to monitor and control moving parts
  • Clean solution with no risk of oil leaks
  • Cost-efficient and simple installation with no maintenance requirement

Temperatures inside a modern soldering oven easily reach 200 degrees Celcius within a few minutes during operation. This poses a potential risk of overheating the material inside, as well as a profound health risk for employees operating the oven. Electric linear actuators are used to open and close oven hoods and ventilation doors safely while giving the operator in control vital information.

Stay safe with intelligent actuators
Having actuators capable of giving you feedback allows you to stay in control – even in case of a power cut, when brakes and self-lock functions will hold the hood in position. It is primarily a question of safety for the operator. But it also improves quality and efficiency as intelligent actuator solutions help adjust ventilation to regulate the temperature inside the oven. 

Have a simple and clean installation
LINAK actuator solutions are easy to install and integrate well with other control systems. Also, electric actuators have no hoses, valves, pumps, or compressors. This means you can have a clean system with no oil spill.

Optimise cost-efficiency and minimise maintenance
Electric actuators require no maintenance – not even when operating in harsh conditions. They use less energy and will add to your overall efficiency. Furthermore, parallel drive of actuators allows you to eliminate the risk of jamming or twisting the hood, thereby keeping your oven operational.
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Linear actuator LA31
Actuator solutions from LINAK - Perfect movement for industrial automation applications play-icon

Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications

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