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Grain handling systems

LINAK actuator solutions allow remote monitoring and control of doors, valves and inlets on grain facilities and make optimal commodity products.

Grain handling

Safe actuator solutions for grain handling

Increasingly stringent regulations and control within the food sector calls for more flexible and accurate handling of agricultural products. At the same time, safety for employees in the industry has a high priority on the agenda. With specialised electric actuator solutions you get benefits such as:

  • Safe and compact system certified to work in even very dusty environments
  • Simple installation of durable components with no leakage or weak spots
  • Intelligent solution capable of giving feedback and saving energy

Safety is the single most important factor when handling grain. Not only is the machinery used in the industry of a considerable size, but grain dust gets in everywhere and in large quantities it can be flammable and even explosive. Electric linear actuators can be used anywhere in grain handling. From the machines transporting it to grain doors, diverter valves and grain elevators at the storage plant.

Keep your facility safe with certified actuators
Moving parts in grain storage facilities and machinery need to be able to withstand heavy dust for many years. LINAK actuators are thoroughly tested to meet stringent certification standards in order to keep the area around the grain facility safe.

Have a simple and maintenance-free solution
Electric linear actuators have no hoses, pumps or compressors. This means no spilt oil and no need for maintenance. The actuators are easy to install and save you energy, i.e. they are cost-efficient. They are also durable and remain fully operative under harsh conditions.

Handle with care – intelligently
Movement is an essential part of handling grain - opening and closing grain doors, diverting and blending into the optimal commodity and transporting it safely. With an intelligent and easy to integrate actuator solution, you can monitor and adjust valves and doors remotely, control inlets, adjust to precise positioning and prevent overloading.

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Linear actuator LA36
Linear actuator solutions -- automation of grain handling equipment play-icon

Linear actuator solutions - automation of grain handling equipment

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With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators play-icon

With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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