Solutions for wind energy

Intelligent actuators from LINAK help open access gates, hatches and lubrication systems on wind turbines and ensures safety around brakes, locks and ventilation.

Wind energy

Actuator solutions improve safety around wind turbines

As the demand for wind energy increases, and wind farms turn into giant wind power plants, so does the focus on safety for service staff and on material durability. This is particularly true in the case of offshore turbines, where materials have to cope with salt, water, and tremendous loads – and still provide staff with a safe work environment. With customised intelligent actuator solutions, you get:

  • Sturdy and durable actuators certified to work in harsh conditions
  • Clean and low-maintenance solutions that weigh less and take up less space
  • Intelligence - ability to integrate fully with other control systems

Safety is the number one priority for manufacturers of wind turbines. But with large wind power plants come large investments. So, return on investment (ROI) and minimal downtime play a significant part for customers and financial institutions. In modern wind turbines, intelligent actuators provide all three. They help open access gates, hatches and lubrication systems, as well as secure locks, brakes and ventilation systems.

Use actuator solutions fit for harsh conditions
LINAK actuators for wind turbines are thoroughly tested to endure even the harshest of environments. Salt, water, high or low temperatures and heavy loads are taken into consideration, when choosing materials and designs.

Get a low-maintenance solution that is easy to install
Solutions with electric actuators have no hoses, pumps or compressors and thus no oil spills. This makes them clean and easy to install. Once installed, LINAK actuators take up less space than other solutions and require hardly any maintenance throughout their service life.

Monitor performance and assist service staff
LINAK actuator solutions are customisable and designed to communicate with other control systems. This means giving feedback and alarms to relevant staff servicing the turbines. Remote control adds to improved safety as well.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller


With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators


Focus on wind turbines

A world of movement and opportunities for wind turbines - LINAK delivers high quality actuator solutions for wind applications, developed over 15 years in close cooperation with the wind industry.

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Energy solutions

LINAK actuators improve energy efficiency when opening hatches and hoods on wind turbines, automating pellet ovens, as well as when moving solar panels towards the sun.

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Videos related to wind energy

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in wind energy. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller


With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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