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Built by market leading experts, using state-of-the-art technologies and perfected production methods, you can expect the same quality worldwide. We improve your life by supplying quality solutions that support your brand.



Quality means more than sublime products
At LINAK ‘Quality’ is closely linked to our customer focus. In all touchpoints that customers have with us, we must display quality excellence.

The way we meet customers, suppliers, and new colleagues and the way we innovate, develop and manufacture products – quality is always the top priority.

We do this by investing in the best technology, hiring the best people and educating them to give you the best experience. We use relentless and state-of-the-art testing of our products, and only approve our processes to the highest standards in the business. 

'When the customers hear that we use LINAK products in our applications, they know that we deliver a quality product to them.'
Roy Inge Haugstad R&D Manager at TKS AS / TKS Agri.
'You get confidence in the product, because you know that the people who have built the product, care about it.'
Dene Bennet, Electrical Engineer at Econ Engineering Limited.
About LINAK Testing 24-7

Testing 24-7
Nothing is left to chance or coincidence with us. We develop test plans based on the customer’s and our own experiences, and utilise the most extensive test centre in the business. We do this to make sure that our products meet requirements for various environments, and live up to lifetime expectations.

About Linak - First actuator

A LINAK® actuator – a lasting relationship
Bent Jensen made his first actuators in the late 1970s – over 40 years ago. The first patented actuator solutions left the factory in Denmark already in the early 1980s. Some of the first actuators are still in operation to this day.

Robot in automated production cell

Digitalisation improves quality of products and lives
Automation plays an increasingly large part of the LINAK production. Digital tools and automated processes form our Smart Factory, and support a production that is first class when it comes to quality as well as efficiency.


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