Solar shading

Building pergolas

LINAK electric actuators help you create adjustable and automatic solar shading for you and your guests on the terrace or at the café.


Actuator solutions for pergolas

As workloads build and requests for maximum efficiency at work intensify, so does the demand for quality leisure time and relaxation when we are off work. Using electric linear actuators to adjust your pergola and create shade has several advantages:

  • Clean and environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • Tested to cope with rough weather

Whether you are working from the terrace or enjoying some free time outdoors, the option of adjusting a pergola to create shade or shelter from the occasional shower adds value to your outdoor room. LINAK actuator systems add to the ideal pergola solution for homeowners as well as owners of restaurants and cafes worldwide.

Stay clean and low-energy
Electric actuators emit no oil or exhaust gas. Being almost silent, guests will probably not notice them at all. LINAK actuators also have a low energy consumption, leaving the smallest possible CO₂ footprint.

Lie back and forget about maintenance
A purely electrical solution has no hoses, pumps or compressors. This saves you the trouble of periodical maintenance, which is particularly relevant as actuators are often located out of normal reach. LINAK actuators only need power and data cables connecting them to the control system. That is it! This makes them extremely easy to install and fit into almost any solar shading system – be it automated or remote controlled.

Enjoy many years of durability
LINAK actuators are thoroughly tested to ensure durability. This means a long service life and reliable performance regardless of weather conditions. The low-voltage setup makes solutions using LINAK actuators much safer for technicians as well as guests enjoying the shade under the pergola.

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Bluetooth system solution



Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller




Focus on pergolas

Pergolas provide shading when the sun is high in the sky. Learn how system solutions from LINAK ensure quick and easy control of pergola solar shading systems.

Focus on building louvres

By integrating louvre systems in buildings, light and heat ingress can easily be controlled for better indoor climate and improved energy rating.

TECHLINE product overview

Explore the wide variety of tough and powerful TECHLINE products. Built to last, built for hard work and built for work in harsh environments.

LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test centre. Learn more in this folder.

Solar shading systems

LINAK actuators help lower energy consumption and optimise indoor climate control in buildings by adjusting pergolas and louvres.

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Plug and play actuator solutions

The LINAK TECHLINE segment offers more than complete electric actuator solutions allowing you to implement all elements of intelligent movement in one application. We have made them plug and play too.

Videos related to pergolas

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in pergolas. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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Move for the future - actuators with Integrated Controller




With IC and BUS communication you can plug & play your way to monitoring your actuators

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