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Four LINAK employees sitting in front of the production area.


What started as an idea to help a friend, has led to a global company that is improving lives all around the world. Using solutions to move people, in their work and their lives. This goal to improve lives does not just stop with our products, it is a part of everything that we do.

Our roots in our Danish culture, our family heritage and our values help drive us. Not to always take the easier path, but the right one; for our customers, our employees, and our planet. Though thinking sustainably has always been a part of our decision making, we have been making significant steps to ensure that our biggest impact on this planet is improving lives with our products.

No matter what we do, what or who we work with or where we are in the world, we all need to care for the environment and minimise the negative impact we have on the climate.

Bent Jensen, CEO & Owner, LINAK A/S

In 2012, my family and I made an important decision for the LINAK® future. We initiated a generational plan to secure that the business stays in the family, and that the values that describe our family-owned business continues. When it comes to investments, we think long-term. At LINAK we feel very committed to our employees and the local area, which is why we keep the headquarters and production in Denmark, and we support activities in the local community. We also feel very committed to our customers; they are the reason for our existence.

Bent Jensen, CEO & Owner, LINAK A/S


reduction in natural gas consumed at headquarters since 2010

9.1 years

of seniority at LINAK worldwide (2023)


of employees agree that we have a great work‐life balance (2022)


Turning words into action

After a thorough materiality assessment, we decided to focus on six key areas to drive our sustainability initiatives within the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) categories, which also support and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). By incorporating these initiatives into everything we do, from product development and operations to supply chain and collaboration with our customers, we will achieve an even greater impact for the environment and the people our products help around the world every day.

Sustainable development goals logoLINAK supports the Sustainable Development Goals

LINAK Focus Initiatives

Sustainability/Environment logos

Carbon Emissions – emissions from our operations (Scope 1 & 2) and purchased components, logistics, use of products etc. (Scope 3).

Product Design and Circularity – the impact of products and their design for maintaining value and not creating waste.

Resource Use & Circularity – the impact of resource use, packaging, waste management and the transition to circular resources and zero waste.


Sustainability/Social logos

Employee Engagementthe level of connection and commitment that the employees have towards their work and organisation, and how creating a sense of community fosters an environment that can lead to increased motivation, productivity and overall job satisfaction.  


Sustainability/Governance logos

Sustainable Supply Chain – sustainable procurement and supply chain management including the prevention of environmental, human rights and geopolitical supply chain risks.

Customer ESG Expectations – the ability to adapt increasing expectations on sustainability and to develop strategies and solutions for meeting requirements.


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