Actuator solutions for yachts

LINAK actuators help yacht owners control everything from skylights, engine hatches, and braces to adjusting seats and bathing platforms.

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Flexible actuator solutions for yachts

Yacht owners around the world want both comfort and reliable control systems to help them manage the increasing amount of automation on their vessel. This promotes safe and durable solutions that are able to withstand harsh conditions at sea. With linear electric actuators, shipbuilders can offer customers:

  • Safe and versatile solutions able to withstand the effects of wind, water, salt, and sun
  • Intelligent movement integrated with main control panels
  • Solutions that are easy to install and with no maintenance requirements

Safety is, of course, the main concern when at sea. Ventilation for the engine and valves on balance systems has to be fully functional at all times and under all possible conditions. Secondly, overall comfort on-board will improve the experience for everyone. Use LINAK actuators to adjust seats and beds, folding wake boards and lifting bathing platforms or anything else the customer might want.

Prepare a system for a harsh environment
Everything on board a yacht needs to be weatherproof and waterproof – especially moving parts. LINAK actuators is thoroughly testedand certified to work through all possible conditions. Solutions are versatile and ready to meet customer’s needs - and they help improve general safety too.

Offer a solution easy to remote control
Modern electric actuators come with interfaces that are ready to integrate with the vessel’s main control systems. This allows the yacht owner to monitor and control everything from the bridge, where alarms or other information from around the ship are shown.

Implement zero maintenance actuators
Electric actuators are easy to install. There are no “weak” spots such as hoses, pumps or valves, so there is no oil spill or loud noises and no need for maintenance at any point during the actuators’ service life. Should anything go awry, LINAK is present all over the world and ready to assist.

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Focus on marine

Regardless of your boat type, LINAK can help you with all kinds of movements you require, through our actuators, columns and controls.

LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test centre. Learn more in this folder.

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Marine application systems

LINAK electric actuator solutions provide sturdy and reliable control of everything from hatches and skylights to valves on balance systems for sailing vessels.

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Videos related to yachts

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in yachts. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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