Patient lifts in the care sector

LINAK actuators make it possible to lift, adjust leg spreaders and create smooth sling movement in patient lifts.

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Patient lifts

Actuator systems for patient lifts

There are two clear trends. The future is set to be more challenging, with the aging population and more people suffering the effects of obesity, all of whom will require a greater degree of care. The number of regulations regarding healthcare equipment and tools continually increases and become more stringent in respect of product performance. However, everyone is still entitled to proper care. Using LINAK actuators for your patient lift will not only make your lift robust, it will also create smooth movement. It comes with numerous benefits.

  • Improved ergonomics, more comfort and minimal maintenance
  • Standards-compliant products to help your approval process
  • Experienced partner with a global presence

Whether you need a basic lift solution or an advanced system with several intelligent features for your patient lift, LINAK offers a viable concept for your product. Strong lift actuators and solid balance coordination with leg spreaders create smooth movement. Value-adding features such as SDT (Service Data Tool) help make daily care more cost-efficient as it can reduce the downtime on lifts.

Improve ergonomics and minimise maintenance
Striving to eliminate hazardous lifts is a key focus area for everyone working in the care sector. At LINAK, all actuator products are thoroughly tested as a system. This is done to ensure your patient lift will perform safely throughout its service life. Our First Failure Safe solutions help ensure that your patient lift works in a safe way. Service Data Tool will help you read out system status data to align with statutory scheduled maintenance. All for the comfort of residents as well as carers.

Satisfy standards with compliant systems
Regulations to ensure patient safety as well as staff are being continually sharpened. Equipment such as patient lifts have to obtain certain certifications and approvals. LINAK takes safe patient handling seriously. LINAK actuator systems are tested and certified to be compliant with international medical standards – IEC 60601-1: 2005 3rd edition, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005 3rd edition and CAN/CSA-22.2 No. 60601-1:2008. This aims to prepare your patient lift for easy compliance with the requirements of EN10535 for patient lifts.

Rely on 30 years of experience globally
LINAK not only has an extensive product portfolio. Over the past 30+ years, the organisation has grown with numerous sales offices worldwide. This makes LINAK able to support customers almost anywhere – with products, advice and local market insight. Whether you need a basic or an advanced solution, or perhaps a development partner for a new project, LINAK can fit the bill.

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Patient lift system



New ergonomic LINAK HB30 hand control for patient lifts


Linear actuator LA23 from LINAK


JUMBO means safe patient handling

JUMBO system solutions for patient lifts give you a lift in production, in usage and in service. LINAK takes safe patient handling very seriously.

MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

Dive into the wide variety of innovative MEDLINE & CARELINE products that can help you improve your hospital and healthcare equipment.

Care applications

LINAK actuator solutions allow smooth adjustment of patient lifts and various types of care bed, with features such as Under Bed Light, WET sensor, and automatic nurse call.

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Systems for patient lifts

LINAK actuator systems create smooth lift and movement in patient lifts and help improve safety and ergonomics for patients and staff. Specifications depend on individual needs and requirements. Focus can be on power, speed, noise, or number of channels (actuators). By default, LINAK operates with three different setups for patient lifts, in which you can create several different solutions. Below are three examples for a basic, medium and advanced system.

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Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in patient lifts.

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New ergonomic LINAK HB30 hand control for patient lifts


Linear actuator LA23 from LINAK

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