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Extensive testing – trust your industrial actuator

In each application, the actuator is just one component of many. However, at LINAK, we fully appreciate that it is of utmost importance to you and your customers. Not a single actuator leaves our production until it has undergone a full function test. This is why you can trust your LINAK actuator.

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LINAK® actuators used in industrial applications must always perform perfectly. To ensure this our actuators are tested inside-out and to considerable extremes. This is your guarantee that a solution based on a LINAK electric actuator system will work reliably for years and years.


Performance tests – vibrations and shocks
This is an important test, as it ensures that the actuators are able to perform effectively amidst constant vibration in off-highway equipment and other machinery.

At LINAK, we always test more than required to ensure high product quality and reliability.


Performance tests – mechanical durability
Testing an actuator’s mechanical durability ensures that you can trust your actuator to perform optimally for its entire service life. All actuators, regardless of size and model, are subjected to durability tests. And we always aim for the highest number of cycles possible.


Climatic tests – ingress protection (IP)
It is crucial that LINAK industry actuators can resist and operate reliably in environments where they are exposed to water, dust, and, in some cases, high-pressure cleaning at high temperatures. This is why we test for IP degrees.


Climatic tests – salt and chemicals
To ensure a long service life for industry actuators in highly corrosive environments, we expose the actuators to the adverse effects of salt and chemicals in a humid environment – a combination to really put the actuators to the test.

Climatic tests – temperature and humidity

Climatic tests – temperature and humidity
Testing in environments with fluctuating temperatures and humidity guarantees reliable performance of actuators in the harshest climatic conditions. Also, special test patterns such as dunk tests are used to cover very demanding applications in the test plan.

Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC

Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC
LINAK industry actuators are tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with a wide range of industrial standards. This is done to ensure actuator immunity to electromagnetic interference, and to certify that radiated emissions from the actuator do not affect the industrial machinery.


To get a complete test overview of a specific industry actuator, please have a look at the actuator data sheet, or read more in the generic TECHLINE testing programme folder.

LINAK Actuator Academy™

Actuator Academy™
Explore the aspects of what makes an actuator ideal for use with industrial machinery and dive into the technology behind it.

Welcome to the LINAK Actuator Academy™.



LINAK test brochure

Each and every component in an actuator is subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests at the LINAK test centre. Learn more in this folder.

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