News 10 April 2019

Future of Farming – How is it going to change?

LINAK recently visited the Hands Free Hectare team at Harper Adams University to record the first Episode of the new UK LINcast.

The LINcast features Jonathan Gill and Kit Franklin who discuss the Hands Free Hectare project and their thoughts on the Future of Farming.

By using an electric actuator, the Hands Free team were able to convert the electronic outputs from an opensource system for a drone to enable a cheap tractor to become the world’s first automated machine.

As stated by Jonathan Gill ‘When we were working with LINAK there was a range of actuators that allowed us to get the control and the power that was required for this project’

Listen to the Future Farming LINcast to find out more about the project and hear their thoughts on how electric actuators will be part of the Future of Farming.

Future of Farming – How is it going to change

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