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Streamline personal care with the innovative JUMBO™ Home, bringing safety and simplicity to patient lifts in the comfort of your home.

Designed with users in mind

LINAK® is aware that the form and aesthetics of their products must work together with their customers’ ultimate lift designs.

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Easy to operate

The LINAK LIFT50™ solution is ergonomically designed with carers in mind, with streamlined looks and practical, easy-to-use interfaces that simply make lives less complicated.

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LINAK contributes to optimal working conditions while maintaining patient focus.

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Related products

LINAK offers a broad range of products and solutions for patient lifting.

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Designed for patient lifts, the JUMBO™ Home system is a complete solution that combines a control box and battery into a single, elegant module. This system conforms to medical safety standards and includes several features tailored to ensure safe and comfortable lifting. Key features include soft-start control, electric emergency lowering, and an emergency stop, all of which contribute to heightened safety and comfort for the user.

Our system solutions are designed to elevate your operations, enhancing the performance and reliability of your patient lift applications, thus maximising product value and customer satisfaction.


Easy to operate

Supporting healthcare staff in daily work routines
Designed with caregiving processes in mind, the JUMBO™ Home solution focuses on ease of use and intuitive operation for caregivers. Features such as the soft start function are specifically developed to provide comfortable and safe patient transfer.


Designed for patient lift applications

Shaped with elegance
The compact design of the JUMBO™ Home system not only allows for easy cleaning but also provides an aesthetically streamlined and future-proof appearance. Its form is especially well-matched for mobile patient lifts that use electric movement.

Safety is paramount, thus, the emergency button on the JUMBO™ Home system is designed for easy access. Quick activation ensures the safe lowering of the patient. Enhancing safety measures and performance, the system also emits audio signals indicating the battery status, serving as a reminder for caregivers to recharge the batteries, maintaining readiness and functionality.


Ergonomics is crucial

Avoiding back injuries
A patient lift is designed to save carers from back injury when lifting or repositioning their patients. However, small repetitive actions can also lead to work-related injury.

Focusing on ergonomics, safety, and efficiency. The ergonomic approach ends up being a good experience for the patient and at the same time protecting the caregiver from back injuries. Using floor lifts in the health care sector contributes to higher efficiency.

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Product features

The JUMBO™ Home system is designed for longevity, pairing with electric linear actuators to provide dependable performance while maintaining strict adherence to safety and design. This solution integrates control and battery functions within a compact module, crafted for home-based patient lifts. It offers safety features such as soft-start and emergency lowering, ensuring a gentle lifting experience and increased caregiver confidence.

Additionally, the user-friendly system supports tool-free mounting and features an adjustable hand control, further enhancing ease of use. Audible and visual indicators keep users informed of battery status and operation progress, rounding out a lift system that is both intuitive and secure – demonstrating our commitment to simplifying patient care without compromising quality or functionality.

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Enhance patient lifts with the LIFT™️, an advanced system solution including smart exchangeable batteries or chargers, designed for robust performance. Features like Bluetooth®️, turbo boost, and parallel actuator programming ensure efficient, safe patient transfer and control.

Elevate healthcare with the JUMBO™ Care system, offering advanced control for patient lifts with customisable settings, intelligent service data, and comprehensive safety functions for clinical use.


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