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Transform patient mobility in clinical settings with JUMBO™ Care, integrating advanced technology for precise control and unparalleled safety in patient lifting solutions.

High performance on battery

Experience the advantages of Li-ion batteries. Long-lasting and dependable batteries are ideal for applications requiring reliable performance.

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Designed with users in mind

LINAK® is aware that the form and aesthetics of their products must work together with their customers’ ultimate lift designs.

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LINAK contributes to optimal working conditions while maintaining patient focus.

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Related products

LINAK offers a broad range of products and solutions for patient lifting.

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Easy to operate

The LINAK LIFT50™ solution is ergonomically designed with carers in mind, with streamlined looks and practical, easy-to-use interfaces that simply make lives less complicated.

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System diagnostics

Simplified troubleshooting with the Service Data Tool.

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The JUMBO™ system is specifically designed for patient lifts. With a modular structure, this medically approved system offers a range of features that promote ergonomics and safe, comfortable patient handling. The functional design reflects the high quality, safety, and patient comfort that are central to our approach.

With long-lasting battery technology, easy replacement and simple installation, the JUMBO™ system solution improves patient lift applications. These reliable, user-oriented solutions delivered by LINAK are a testament to our extensive healthcare expertise.

Flexible design

Adaptability is key
LINAK incorporates user-friendliness and aesthetic design when developing new product systems. The JUMBO™ products are no exception.

The JUMBO™ series offers applications a multi-functional design that allows the system to be equipped with either lead acid or Li-ion batteries while maintaining flexibility.

Mix and match to create your perfect system solution. All parts fit together without compromising on design as the aesthetics go hand in hand with functionality.

Explore the possibility of creating product differentiation through a customised label design or associated logo.


Easy to use

Design is nothing without user-friendliness
Designed with the user in mind, the JUMBO™ solution simplifies daily operations for caregivers. Its user-friendly 'click-on' and 'click-off' system increases efficiency, especially when changing or charging batteries.

Relevant information is conveniently visible via intuitive diodes, a display, or is easily accessible via a hand control, simplifying interaction. Additionally, the centrally located emergency stop button ensures immediate accessibility, supporting a safe and effective working environment.


High performance

Power is nothing without responsibility
LINAK leaves the decision open as to whether the power comes from lead acid or Li-ion battery technology. Reliability and performance are keywords. Equipping the application with LINAK products is your guarantee for long lasting performance.

This is how we design batteries at LINAK.


Ergonomics is crucial

Who cares? LINAK does
A patient lift is designed to save carers from back injury when lifting or repositioning their patients. However, small repetitive actions can also lead to work-related injury.

Focusing on ergonomics, safety, and efficiency. The ergonomic approach ends up being a good experience for the patient and at the same time protecting the caregiver from back injuries. Using floor lifts in the health care sector contributes to higher efficiency.

Images that show how the LINAK solutions can improve peoples lives.


System diagnostics

Service Data Tool for JUMBO™ Care 2nd generation
Service Data Tool ensures efficient maintenance of patient lifts. Service data tool enables easy read out of service data from the CBJ-Care. Coloured graphic bars in green, yellow and orange indicate when it is time for maintenance. Safe patient handling is ensured by easy access to:

  • Knowledge about wear and tear
  • Fault finding tool
  • Easy service visit reports

Service Data Tool for JUMBO Care 2nd Generation



The following options are available for the JUMBO™ Care product

Control boxes

JUMBO Care - control box highlighted






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Simplify in-home patient care with the compact JUMBO™ Home system, combining essential safety features like soft-start and emergency lowering in a single, user-friendly unit.



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