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Efficiency, ergonomics and safety

Efficiency is vital in an environment where staff must perform under sometimes strict time pressure. An ergonomic approach ensures fewer cumbersome, unnecessary movements to protect carers from potential back injuries, and it also provides a better experience for patients. Safety is paramount for us, both from a physical and an infection perspective. We strive to keep both healthcare staff and their patients free from injuries and infections by improving ergonomics and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. See below how LINAK improves lives at every touchpoint.

A lady in a bed spilling coffee, broken glass on floor, and an inpatient nurse with a lift control in their hand. All images show scenarios without the LINAK solutions.

IPX6 Washable DURA™

Maintaining hygiene is crucial for reducing the risk of infection. Put an end to inefficient and time-consuming manual cleaning of patient beds that can easily withstand more aggressive washing conditions. With IPX6 Washable DURA™, your LINAK® system is washing tunnel ready.

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Get immediate help with the OneConnect App to quicky solve minor issues. With real-time status for your devices – such as low battery – troubleshooting is quick and easy, and in no time, your equipment is safely back in operation.

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Avoid damaging objects or the application itself with a built-in anti-collision sensor. The sensor reacts to direct obstruction when your bed is adjusted either up or down, safeguarding it from material damage, should it encounter a solid object.

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Turbo boost

With its Li-Ion batteries, the LINAK turbo boost function makes workflows swifter without compromising safety, and it reduces waiting time to a minimum when moving the lift into position.

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Soft start/stop

By reducing sudden movements when stopping and starting, patients get a smoother and more comfortable lifting and lowering experience. At the same time accidental spilling of liquids is prevented.


Wireless connectivity

With a wireless hand control, you can forget about the cables. Designed for all types of healthcare beds as well as a variety of treatment chairs and couches, a wireless hand control helps minimise the risk of tripping over cables while providing the staff with an extended and safe workspace.

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