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Case story

Simpler designs with LINAK actuators

Easy and efficient design solutions are becoming increasingly important when designing construction machinery. Electric actuators have made designing construction machinery much easier for the Turkish company HİDROMEK, headquartered in Ankara.

Case story

Having made a name for itself in the construction equipment sector, where competition is fierce, HİDROMEK sells machines in six continents and in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company attributes the success to technological development due to R&D investments. Design Studio Manager Hakan Telışık explains:

"... we are trying to create high quality products with good, unique designs, and with a certain customer loyalty in the market. We attach great importance to R&D and we are constantly improving ourselves".


Product quality and trust were key factors in the decision making

By using LINAK® actuators in specific areas in the heavy machinery, where hydraulic systems are used extensively, HİDROMEK both facilitated the design process and benefited from the advantages of the electric actuator system.

“For hydraulic systems to work, you must route the hydraulic line to the relevant area, operate the hydraulic system at certain pressures, and control the system with certain valves. You also need to perform periodic specialist maintenance on the hydraulic system and its components,” says Mr. Telışık and emphasises that “there are mechanisms that can be moved easily and with no maintenance by means of electric actuators by simply routing electrical voltage. As this gives us design and manufacturing flexibility, we always prefer to use electric actuators for such mechanisms, and we have had a trouble-free use of these for many years. "

In the wheel loaders and the newly launched soil compactor product family, HİDROMEK prefers to use the electric actuator LA36 for opening the main engine hoods, both to facilitate the design and to easily access service points.

The LA36 is preferred for hood lifting because it offers the ideal power, stroke length and IP protection.

Case story

Mr. Telışık explains why they prefer to work with LINAK: “We prefer to work with the best in the industry for the components we already use, because our main goal is to produce reliable and high-quality products. We have a great commercial and technical cooperation with LINAK, in whom we trust when it comes to actuator quality”.


The future of electrical technologies in the industry

Believing that the future of the construction equipment industry lies in electrical technologies and aspiring to be one of the pioneers in this field, HİDROMEK has created the "HICON" sub-brand solely for electric vehicles. The company has developed the first member of this product family, the HİDROMEK HICON 7W, which is the world's first electric wheel excavator. The prototype was introduced in 2020 and HİDROMEK is working specifically towards mass production.

HİDROMEK prefers the LA25 actuator for moving the electric engine hood at the HICON 7W, as it provides easy access to the service points. The LA25 was mainly chosen because of its compact design.

For more information about actuator solutions for applications in the construction industry, please contact your local LINAK office.


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