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News 22 March 2024

Good things come in threes! Desk Panel DPI wins again

This time it is the prestigious iF Design Awards 2024 who have honored our work with a design award. This makes us especially proud, as design thinking is as much part of our LINAK DNA as our engineering expertise.

When we designed the new DPI desk panel series, we knew we had created something special – something that our customers and their users would appreciate. When engineering and design come together in such an innovative and elegant design - when form and function harmonize, it simply feels “right”.

That’s why it is especially gratifying when our enthusiasm is shared by independent organizations, like Red Dot and the German Innovation Awards, whose awards are a testament to the work that we put into our products.


A prize for design

This time the intuitive LINAK® Desk Panel DPI has been awarded a 2024 iF Design Award for its streamlined design, built-in anti-collision, and end-user impact.

LINAK DPI Desk Panel on a tabletop and the iF Design Award 2024 badge
We created a new sleek and slim design that does not include any traditional buttons for features on the desk panel. Simply put, the buttons on a conventional Desk panel are always a compromise; they are seldom intuitive to users, and they complicate the design and engineering, and that is why we decided to move these advanced features to an app.
Nicki Pedersen, Product Manager, Innovation and Design at LINAK.

Every year, around 11,000 designs are entered for the iF DESIGN AWARD. Here the best design achievements of companies and studios from over 100 nations compete for a range of awards.


Ticks all the boxes

The iF Design Awards are based on criteria that value concept, form and function, differentiation, and impact. The DPI desk panel ticks all boxes. Bringing its innovation and elegant form to height-adjustable office desks, the DPI combines a streamlined design and intuitive user experience with a tilt paddle and a built-in anti-collision sensor - in one single unit.

Intuitive and user-friendly


The DPI is the first desk panel to have anti-collision built-in, a technology that protects the desk and objects against potential collisions and damage. This integration eliminates any need for other anti-collision components on desks which means less extra wiring.

In combination with the app “Desk Connect”, DPI allows users to take full control over features on their desks and provides a great adaptive user experience.


Forward thinking

When we design a new product, we always think ahead to evaluate the impact our new product will have for manufacturers, their customers, and ultimately the world around us.

Our goal was to set a new standard in the market and add value throughout the entire value chain – and the recognition from yet another external awards panel confirms that we are moving in the right direction:


Desk manufacturers benefit from a single product with fewer parts enabling better logistics and simpler mounting. Just plug and play!

Desk designers benefit from an elegant design that matches the appearance of many desks - from standard to premium.

Desk owners and users benefit from an ergonomic workplace. Users can adjust their desks without taking their eyes off the screen. Desk owners protect their desk investment against damage – improving the longevity of the desk’s life.


To find out more about the DPI desk panel series please visit the product pages: DPI1K and DPI1C (with display)

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