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News 09 May 2023

LINAK DPI desk panel series – more than meets the eye

Streamlined design, intuitive use, and built-in anti-collision sensor, all contained in one desk panel. The LINAK DPI desk panel series for sit-stand desks takes innovation and desk protection to a new level.


Streamlined design

The new DPI desk panel series has been made with contemporary design in mind, and is shaped to enhance the design of any sit-stand desk. Available in two versions, a basic up/down version and an advanced version with display, the DPI gives designers and manufacturers the flexibility to match the ideal desk panel with their sit-stand desk range.

We have worked tirelessly to find the right balance between great form and function to create a contemporary design that will help our customers elevate their desk design and improve usability. We believe that our new DPI desk panel series succeeds in meeting customers' requirements.

LINAK DPI1C desk panel with display intuitively operated via a gentle tilt of the paddle - elegantly mounted on the tabletop of a sit-stand desk.

With its thin profile and smooth-edged design, the new DPI desk panel series will complement any modern sit-stand desk, while its minimalist elegance will stand the test of time. In addition to the eye-catching design, the end user will also benefit from the ergonomic shape.


Built-in anti-collision sensor

The most noticeable DPI-series feature is the one that cannot be seen: A built-in anti-collision sensor inside the DPI desk panel – providing desk protection in a brand new and intelligent way.

The sensor detects even the slightest tilt in the desk's tabletop – whether the desk is driving up or down. Once a tilt is detected, movement stops and adjusts in the opposite direction to minimise collision and avoid damage to the desk and the colliding object.

By incorporating an anti-collision sensor into the DPI desk panel, we have not only freed the customer from an external plug-in anti-collision sensor, we have also improved cable management as well as logistics with fewer parts.

LINAK DPI1K and DPI1C: desk panels with built-in anti-collision desk sensor – protect the sit-stand desk

Intuitive end-user experience

The innovative paddle on the DPI desk panel series only needs a gentle tilt up or down to make the table move immediately. Changing position from sitting to standing (or vice versa) becomes both easy and intuitive and can be done without taking your eyes off the screen.

Choose the DPI with display to get access to advanced features. Download the free Desk Connect™ app, pair it to your DPl, and follow the app's intuitive onboarding flow to set up features such as favourite sit and stand positions, automatic drive, and much more.

The DPI series is backward compatible with all LINAK DESKLINE® systems supported by the CBD6S control box and/or the DL IC systems. Just plug and play!

LINAK DPI1C desk panel in a clean, streamlined design - with the associate app, Desk Connect™.

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