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News 03 September 2019

Mechanical durability testing of electric industrial actuators

At the LINAK® Test Centre, electric linear actuators for industrial applications are tested – often to the extreme. Durability testing is one of essential tests for actuators. Have a look; experience how we test and learn why it matters to you.

LINAK® has one of the most extensive test regimes on the market for industrial actuators. At the corporate test centre in Denmark, every LINAK product is tested – and none more so than the actuators used in industrial applications.

Repetitive movement and full-load abuse test
For electric actuators used in applications in, for example, construction or the food industry, high reliability and durability is expected. Repetitive movement and almost countless duty cycles are the life of such an actuator, calling for considerable focus on components, materials and the design when testing it.

Once the actuator is installed, it has undergone a series of harsh tests at LINAK, including a static push/pull test of 100,000 cycles at full load, an abuse test (100 % duty cycle at full load for 30 minutes), and a safety factor test, where continuous push/pull is combined with torsion. The latter is conducted until it reaches at least 2 x maximum nominal load.

This is why you can rely on your LINAK actuator!

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Who benefits from durability testing
Testing actuator durability is important to anyone operating industrial machinery. Across business areas, movement patterns are repeated an almost endless number of times, and applications are often expected to cope with torsion too while pushing full load. LINAK actuators are required to continue to perform optimally regardless.

Mechanical durability testing of electric industrial actuators-Smartlift

Reliable lifting is essential to construction
Modern lifting devices in construction handle everything from precast concrete panels to heavy window frames, and the combination of ‘heavy’ and ‘high’ puts a significant amount of stress on the actuators conducting the movement. Often several actuators operate in parallel to create smooth and precise lifting, making the stress to the actuators dynamic.


Trusting the lifting function is absolutely pivotal in construction. When handling large construction elements safety is paramount, and thoroughly conducted durability testing of the actuators ensure reliable lifting – every time. This way the risk of equipment damage and injury to operation personnel is minimised considerably.

Repetitive movement in the catering centre
Professional kitchens are full of large cooking tools, boiler pots and frying pans. Some too large for the chefs to move and adjust, and here electric actuators come in handy. But, operation in an industrial kitchen also means countless repetitive movements.

LINAK actuators create smooth and reliable adjustment in several types of kitchen machinery. For example, in industrial frying pans for French fries. During a busy day, actuators raise and lower the baskets many times. But, due to thorough duty cycle testing, you can rest assured that the actuator will perform reliably for its entire service life.

Mechanical durability testing of electric industrial actuators-Fryer

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