News 31 October 2017

Quick and easy pairing of TD4 to your Bluetooth® hand control

The LINAK TWINDRIVE® dual actuator TD4 is extremely easy to pair with a Bluetooth® hand control or your smartphone via an app. A few very simple steps and your bed is ready.

Pairing a LINAK hand control, smartphone, or tablet with a TD4 system via Bluetooth® is made extremely easy. 

Whether the system is based on TD4 Standard or TD4 Advanced the associated Bluetooth® hand controls are paired in two simple steps. Connect the TD4 to power mains and it will be ready for pairing in three minutes (blinking light indicator). Take any of the LINAK Bluetooth® hand controls and press the two upper buttons - simultaneously. When the light gives a long blink, the comfort bed is paired with the hand control. It really is as easy as pie. 

Sounds too good to be true? See it with your own eyes in the video below. 

Quick and easy pairing of TD4 to your Bluetooth® hand control

Pairing a bed with a smartphone/tablet 
LINAK has made a Bed Control App (iOS and Android) allowing users to pair the TD4 with their smartphone or tablet. Pairing your TD4 system with such devices is just as easy. Step 1 is identical with the one mentioned above. Connect your actuator system to the power mains. Then activate Bluetooth® on your phone/tablet and open the LINAK Bed Control App and a “search-bed” page will be displayed. A list of active LINAK Bluetooth® applications nearby will be shown. Find your TD4 system (e.g. BED 1234) in the list and tap it. The phone/tablet is now connected. 

If the customer wants to pair more than one hand control or more than one smartphone/tablet, it is equally as easy. Enjoy!

You can find more information about TD4 Standard or TD4 Advanced, any of the comfort bed hand controls, or the LINAK Bed Control Apps, on this website. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact your local LINAK office.

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