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Drive up to eight actuators in parallel without having to worry about complex cabling or control boxes.


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Parallel gives you the opportunity to run multiple actuators in parallel. This is part of the LINAK® I/O™ interface and is one of several options that can be added to your actuator to harvest the benefits of smart linear movement.

Below you get a summary of the features you can obtain with Parallel. These can all be configured in our supporting configurator Actuator Connect™.


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Actuators with IC Integrated Controller™ from LINAK® are flexible and can be adapted to special customer requirements and needs. Configure your actuator via the intuitive Actuator Connect™ configurator.

Download a free version of the latest Actuator Connect configurator here.


Enable a smooth synchronised movement

- regardless of any variations in load

Thanks to the integrated controller, a parallel movement of the actuator is simple to implement. Additional control or cabling is not necessary. The actuators communicate directly with each other via their own internal bus system.

Regardless of any variations in load, the actuators stay precisely aligned when moving – and the master will always ensure that the followers are present in the system and send feedback on current position and status.


Switch between single and parallel mode

– When you need a ’buddy’ to share a heavy load

To raise the overall thrust or balance the load, you can set up your actuator for parallel movement – even if it is ’born’ as a single actuator.

When selected, you can change the number of actuators in the parallel system. This safety setting determines the number of actuators that an IC parallel system must include to be able to operate.

Up to eight actuators can be linked to each other, enabling a smooth synchronised parallel movement.


Avoid unnecessary downtime

- by identifying the root cause

Occasionally, things stop working and this leaves you with the task of identifying the root cause.

The parallel actuator solution is designed to run symmetrically, and all actuators in the system communicate with each other, which means that if one actuator hits an obstacle, all others will stop.

LINAK offers several ways to troubleshoot - worth highlighting LED, error codes, and via the configurator Actuator Connect. With this 3-stage diagnostics, you can easily troubleshoot the parallel system and quickly identify which actuator is failing.


Copy your configuration

- to the rest of the parallel actuators

In addition to parallel, you could easily imagine a scenario where you want to ’copy’ the configuration that you have made on the connected actuator and paste it to the rest of the parallel actuators.

It is important that all actuators in the parallel system have the same configuration across all features to ensure that the system works as intended. To make this process easier, you can copy the configuration from one actuator and apply it to the others by using Actuator Connect. This means that you do not have to go through all parameters one by one.

All actuators in the parallel system have the same configuration across all features.


Learn more about our I/O interface here or the other I/O options below.


I/O™ brochure

With the game-changing flexibility of a universal LINAK I/O interface, bringing innovative actuator ideas to life is simpler and more agile.

I/O™ interface user manual

This user manual will tell you about the functionality of our LINAK I/O™ interface.

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