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Case story

MZR improves workshop ergonomics by reinventing the traditional work trestle

The landscape of production facilities is evolving rapidly, demanding flexible, functional, and ergonomic workstation layouts that suit every individual. MZR, a company based in the west of France, specialises in the development of ergonomic industrial production equipment that not only adapts to the operators, but also enhances overall productivity. When creating their electric work trestle, they opted for LINAK electric lifting columns.

MZR’s clients include major players in the nautical and industrial woodworking industries, and they provide them with mobile, electric lifting and tilting equipment. This equipment empowers operators to carry out a range of tasks such as tightening screws and painting objects, while maintaining correct postures, and it also enables the movement of heavy and large objects in production halls, even if space is limited.

Since the company was established in 2006, Frédéric Mazoyer, the founder and CEO, has been visiting his customers’ factories to observe workplace conditions and processes to identify ergonomics issues. Drawing on his observations and customer feedback, MZR developed new ergonomic equipment to address these challenges.


Height-adjustable work trestle featuring LINAK® electric lifting columns

The concept of an electric work trestle emerged after Frédéric noticed the widespread use of traditional trestles in different workshops. Unfortunately, the design of these trestles was ergonomically inadequate, as they failed to accommodate workers of different heights, leading to physical strain.

This realisation sparked the revolutionary idea of the e-tréteaux – an electric work trestle that ensures effortless work at an ergonomically correct height, thanks to the integration of LINAK lifting columns for height adjustment.

Designed for workshops, the e-tréteaux is part of the electric ergonomic equipment that improves the operators’ daily work routines. Built with a robust steel structure and equipped with four sturdy LINAK DL2 lifting columns with a 1500N lifting capacity each, the electric work trestle is a lightweight workstation, yet capable of supporting and lifting loads of up to 300 kg.

Close up of the LINAK® DPF operating panel on MZR’s electric work trestle, the e-tréteaux.

Operators can adjust the trestle height using the LINAK DPF operating panel, which also offers a memory function to save preferred height settings.

Frédéric emphasizes the easy integration of the lifting columns, facilitated by plug-and-play installation and a minimum number of cables. With MZR’s requirements for speed and stroke length, the DL2 columns are an ideal match for the application. Furthermore, the columns allow up to four trestles to lift objects simultaneously.

By introducing the e-tréteaux, MZR has reinvented the conventional work trestle, offering operators a robust and mobile material handling base with optimal ergonomic work heights.


Long term collaboration

MZR's choice to use LINAK lifting columns for the e-tréteaux was a natural one. The two companies have successfully collaborated for years, and LINAK products have been integrated into various applications such as industrial tables and assembly equipment.

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Man working at an electric work trestle, the e-tréteaux, featuring 4 LINAK® DL2 lifting columns.


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