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High bending moment increases equipment stability

Off-centre loads can become a safety issue if your equipment is not built to handle these. However, using LINAK® lifting columns from the LC series you need not worry about that at all. They are designed and built with extra focus on stability and smooth operation.

For most high-end medical equipment, stability and considerable strength are absolute requirements. For example, if a load is exerted on one side of an operating table or the weight balance changes in an X-ray machine, the lifting column elevating the application still needs to run smoothly and must remain completely unaffected.

This requires not only considerable power, but a high bending moment too. The LINAK® lifting column LC3 delivers both. In fact, these were key focus areas in the design and development process.

It means you can offer adjustment solutions able to handle large off-centre loads and still deliver stable and reliable lifting.

In order to accommodate different applications, we offer the LC3 in two versions.

The 2-stage version has an extremely high dynamic bending moment (up to 2,100 Nm), making it ideal for C-arm applications where the weight balance changes while the equipment is moving.

The 3-stage version is designed to combine power with high speed. The bending moment is still high (up to 1,400 Nm dynamic), but the extra strong push (6,000 N) allows you to offer the most steady and stable operation tables, X-ray tables or treatment couches on the market.

LC3 offers solid, stable and safe operation regardless of load.


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