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Increase efficiency with easy application positioning

Smooth movement and precision are often defining factors for adjustable applications used in healthcare – especially in advanced medical equipment. The powerful LC lifting column series helps increase efficiency in a number of such applications – and here is why.

For some OEMs, taking full advantage of the entire LINAK® actuator technology range is essential. These manufacturers specialise in advanced applications or in equipment where complex movement patterns are essential to support efficiency – in clinics as well as in hospitals.

Dental chairs and surgery chairs are examples of applications that need precise movement patterns, multiple memorised positions, and a surplus of power and strength to operate flawlesly – even with heavy loads.

The lifting column LC3 was designed for this. It has advanced memory options to ease positioning of the entire application. Just one touch of a button can move the application to the correct position in one smooth move. This helps reduce time for the physician, practitioner or care staff operating it.

Running a LINAK OpenBus™ set-up, you can have several memorised positions and a wealth of different movement patterns available. All of the above are important factors to healthcare professionals, who have to be able to trust the equipment in order to deliver the best possible surgery or treatment – and do so efficiently.

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