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Dignity and independence

More and more elderly residents want to uphold their self-preservation and retain their dignity despite the inevitable physical challenges or handicaps life brings. This raises the number of requirements for the design and function of modern healthcare applications. Many are even willing to invest in equipment themselves, to ease their everyday life and to remain independent.

Four essential healthcare trends

Design becomes of vital importance as modern healthcare devices are to be used in private homes. One example is the bed. Many people do not want their bed to look like a hospital bed, even though they want it to have the same functionality.

Stay longer in own home
We live longer than ever, and this is a challenge for the human body. An increased number of residents need assistive devices to be able to manage longer at home. Obviously, people prefer to be self-sufficient and live a life in dignity – even if they suffer a disability. Fortunately, technology is bringing viable solutions. New products are constantly being developed with the single purpose of easing the everyday life of people who would normally require assistance from family or care professionals.

Many of the applications developed to make a difference to people with disabilities require an adjusting mechanism. Quite a number of manufacturers choose to integrate a LINAK® actuator system to perform this adjustment. This applies to, for instance, beds that can help bed-bound persons to change from a reclining to a sitting position. It could also be armchairs that can help people achieve a standing position.

Digital technologies
It is not only adjustable furniture that can help maintain dignity. Online digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things, can make a big difference. Today, it is possible to connect your home devices to the Internet, and thereby make your ‘smart home’ a reality. This means that the control of many daily activities can be done by means of a remote control or by voice activation.

Given that these technologies keep developing, the future also looks bright when it comes to greater dignity and independence for disabled people. So far, one of the greatest inventions for future independence is the self-driving car. This tremendous technological breakthrough will give people with various physical challenges the possibility to be transported without the assistance of others.


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