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The fast way to adjustable living room furniture is to plug and play

Making elegant comfort furniture requires skill and a well-developed sense of design. Adding adjustment systems only adds to the complexity. However, with an intuitive plug and play system from LINAK, adding adjustments is both easier and much faster.

Intuitive plug and play system for recliners from LINAK

Making actuator systems where everything fits together, and where it is almost impossible to assemble incorrectly; These are key areas of focus for LINAK® when developing solutions for modern comfort furniture.

Such system solutions give you the manufacturer less to worry about with regards to assembly, stock management, and system configuration. Just a few products can form several different systems and can help you create the exact movement pattern you want – flexible and easy as plug and play.

Just focus on your design

We want manufacturers to be able to concentrate solely on design, stability, and furniture aesthetics. This requires complete trust in the movement system, and in the process of integrating it. Our actuator products ensure full functionality in flawless quality and give you a system set-up so easy to work with that you simply cannot go wrong.

One example is the linear actuator LA10. It is commonly used in systems for pedestal recliners, where it can be used in a single-actuator setting, or as one of several actuators in a series.

Modular products for easy-to-assemble systems

In LA10 systems all parts are intelligent. This allows you to retain your chosen configuration, regardless of how you put together your system. This increases efficiency in stock management too, as these systems can be reconfigured on site. In short, it enables you to create several different system set-ups with the exact same products.

Systems with daisy-chained actuators also has fewer cables to manage – a system feature enhanced by Bluetooth® wireless technology, reducing the number of cables even further. All in all, these LINAK actuator systems are easy and fast to assemble and “hide” the actuator system within your recliner application. This is what we consider ‘easy as plug and play’.

If you want to know more about our modular actuator systems for recliners or about adjustable comfort furniture in general, please contact your local LINAK office.

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