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Customisation – make the end user see your brand

The need to stand out and be unique and be recognised is greater than ever before. At LINAK®, customising products and solutions is by no means new. For example, with the hand control HC40, manufacturers can take a giant leap forward and literally place their brand logo at the user’s fingertips.

Customise the HC40 to reflect a brand of your choice

At LINAK we fully acknowledge and understand why a bed manufacturer finds it important to be able to offer customers a product that reflects their brand. That is why we have made it easy to create brand visibility with the end user. 

Although the LINAK® hand control HC40 is already unique, we have lined up an array of customisable options, allowing you to customise your version and add a brand design of your choice. Even if an end user rarely crawls under their bed to confirm the presence of a high-quality LINAK system, we know that they do see the hand control! That is why we want them to see your preferred brand here!  

In their daily use of the bed they will be associating the comfort they are experiencing with the brand of your choice! 

Put your brand where people can see it 
Like most other LINAK hand controls, the HC40 can carry your corporate brand – logo or name – either on the battery lid or in the display – or both. Also, the battery lid as well as the backside can be customised with a different colour to match your corporate visual identity. A unique pattern – stripes or dots – affiliated with a specific brand can be added too. Brand at first sight! 

In short, you can: 

  • Add logo and/or brand name
  • Change colour and pattern on battery lid and back  

Include your own display screen text
The HC40-series is one of the first families of LINAK® hand controls with a colour display, and the Advanced editions of HC40 FRAME™ and HC40 TWIST™ offer several new options for customisation. It is not just about the immediate brand visibility of the exterior anymore – it is also about software, helping you promote your brand. In fact, with the HC40 screen, you can display your preferred brand logo in bright colours and thereby create instant brand visibility from the moment the user starts up the control.

Give the user personal notifications
Another option of the Advanced edition of the HC40 is to create notification texts, and then decide just how often they should be displayed to the user. Imagine being greeted with ‘Good morning, Justin’ or ‘Have a nice day Julie!’ in the display of your hand control. These are examples of standard notification texts, followed by a name. Then imagine changing this to the catchphrase of your current campaign or to a slogan associated with a specific bed brand. This is direct brand visibility in the hands of the user, and a truly unique and personal experience for him or her.



The wow-factor in retail stores!
Imagine the wow-factor when a retailer presents a customer with the HC40. They pick it up and the screen reads: Have a nice day, Justin! This experience gives the customer a sense of a well-rounded product, where attention to detail is a cornerstone.

Prior to the meeting, the sales person factory reset the HC40 and entered the customer’s name. We made factory reset easy to find. It takes just a few clicks for the sales person to reset the hand control and have it ready for the next customer.

If you want to know more about the HC40, please visit page ‘HC40 – Designed with you in mind’ or contact your local LINAK® office.

LINAK hand control HC40 FRAME for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK Hand Control HC40 FRAME™ for adjustable comfort beds

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds

HC40 Advanced - How to use-navigate play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to use

HC40 - Change batteries play-icon

How to change batteries in the LINAK hand control HC40 FRAME™

HC40 - Factory reset play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to factory reset the hand control

HC40 - Get started play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to get started

HC40 - How to save favourite positions play-icon

HC40 - How to save favourite positions

HC40 - How to save shortcuts in display play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to save shortcuts



This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With the metallic frame, the HC40 FRAME™ versions differ in look from its counterparts, the HC40 TWIST™.


This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With a unique twisting shape the HC40 TWIST™ differs in look from its counterparts the HC40 FRAME™ versions

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