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Trend series Micro apartments - New York

LifeEdited2 – 32 m², New York


An example of a small space apartment is this 32 m² one in the New York district of Soho. LifeEdited2 is designed by tiny-living guru Graham Hill, who specialises in designing minimalist homes with multiple functions.

32 m² does not sound like much, yet Graham Hill has created an apartment with space for ten dining guests, four beds, plenty of storage space and a separate kitchen and bathroom.

The apartment has one room that serves as a bedroom, living room and dining room. The height of the sofa can be manually adjusted to transform it into a large dining table. The bed can be stored in the wall behind the sofa and can be taken down when it is time to sleep. Furthermore, the home office can also be used as a bar as well, as a guest room with two beds, where parts of the sofa from the living room are used.

If electric actuators were used for the furniture in this apartment, the bed could be pushed together at the push of a button, to avoid straining your back. In addition, if the height of the sofa/dining table could be adjusted with a LINAK system, it could also be used as a standing desk, thus creating even more options to make the small apartment in New York even smarter.

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Trend series Micro apartments - New York

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