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Installing a desk with Desk Panel

Installation pre-drill DPG

Pre-drill holes

Pre-drill the screw holes and clean up the wood shavings.
It will ensure the right positioning.

Installation screw DPG

Use Ø 4.5 mm countersink

Avoid damaging your desk panel – use the right screws:
 - Ø 4.5 mm
 - 90° countersink screw
Do NOT use screws with a milling head. It will cut into the housing of the desk panel.

Installation do not strip DPG screws

Do not strip screws

Fasten the screws sufficiently.
But be sure not to strip the screws.

Installation cable DPG

Ensure Cable mobility

Make sure that the cable has free mobility in the first centimetres from the housing.
Use a clip to attach the cable to the tabletop.
DPG - How to initialise and adjust the desk play-icon

DPG - How to initialise and adjust the desk.

How to pair to an app play-icon

Desk Panel DPG1C – How to pair to an app

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