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Case story

Technotrade cut costs with height-adjustable desk frames over traditional desks

Technotrade really looks after its employees by equipping their new headquarters with height-adjustable office desks powered by top-quality LINAK desk frames. Giving users more flexibility and improved ergonomics.

Office workers at ergonomic and adjustable sit-stand desks powered by LINAK at Technotrade office.

Technotrade Ltd. has been a professional partner for machinery producers for more than 30 years and an exclusive distributor of Danfoss. Today, the company offers technological solutions in mobile hydraulics, control systems, and electric drives for both Czech and Slovak markets.

With a growing portfolio of clients, the company's original premises were no longer sufficient, making it necessary to build a completely new and up-to-date furnished building for more than 20 employees. Furthermore, the company's owner, Petr Kejduš, requested the most innovative and state-of-the-art furniture following the latest technology styles - which is why he wanted sit-stand desks powered by LINAK®.


The sit-stand concept replaced the traditional office desks

Although the designers and architects were to furnish and design the building, it was not their idea. Initially, there were fixed office desks in an even higher price category.

Surprisingly, it was not the designers who came up with the idea of height-adjustable office desks, but Technotrade management and employees. The designers just chose the colour of the desk frame to match the overall concept. Even then, they had no idea about the advantages of such office desks
Daniel Batla, the head of the electronics and software division.

The ideal and elegant solution for 18 desks in the newly built 12 offices was based on the LINAK Desk Frame 2 (DF2) concept for 2-leg desks. It is a convenient full-frame system built around the flexible all-in-one beam containing motor, electronics and cable wiring, electric linear lifting columns in a clean design and with matching desk feet.

LINAK Desk Frame 2 in white, black and grey

The DF2 concept matches any desktop size between 120-180 cm, is offered in three colour variants, and can be connected to various types of desk controllers, from the most simple to the most sophisticated ones with a memory of the set height, a reminder, and an application with a Bluetooth interface. At Technotrade, they went for the Red Dot design awarded DPG1C desk panel, so as not to disturb the modern design of the tables.

LINAK was an obvious choice - the parent companies Danfoss and LINAK are located close to each other and, in a friendly spirit, use each other's products to equip production halls and offices. Moreover, we know that Danfoss always has the best from LINAK, so we didn't even think of looking elsewhere
Petr Kejduš, Company owner

Electric sit-stand desks: An attractive investment

All Technotrade employees could now stand at their adjustable desks for the first time and use them to their full potential. The owner himself wanted tables that would be, as he says, friendly to his "girls and boys". He was looking not only for ergonomics that would prevent fatigue and chronic back problems, but also for additional added value in the form of variability in the working environment when employees cooperate. The benefits of using height-adjustable tables powered by an electric LINAK Desk Frame 2 system are clear to Technotrade employees:

"I was particularly interested in the ergonomics, and there is no doubt that it is beneficial for your health to change your position a few times a day - when I feel tired, it helps me to concentrate better." (Marketing Manager, Tomáš Pospíchal)

"When I need to brainstorm with a colleague, I opt for the stand position, and then we're on the same level." (Specialist in Sales of Electric Drives, Tomáš Nakládal)

"I often walk away from my desk, so I leave it up because I don't fancy sitting down and getting up all the time." (Hydraulic Systems Sales Specialist, Michal Janík)

Technotrade were therefore able to equip their new headquarters with adjustable office desks with the LINAK Desk Frame 2 at a lower cost than was planned with regular desks. As a result, employees can now enjoy the benefits of working together at the same desk every day along with the ergonomic benefits that the desks bring.

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