Lifting columns


3-stage lifting column for precise vertical lift and demanding bending moment. Ideal for a number of medical applications, such as treatment chairs as well as various industrial workstations.

Product description


LP3 is developed for vertical lifts and can resist bending due to the effective telescopic system.

The lifting column is designed for applications where a small installation dimension is requested without compromising the lifting capacity. The LP3 is characterised by having a lower installation dimension proportional to the stroke length compared with LP2. LP3 can also attain a higher speed than LP2.

The telescopic column is compatible with LINAK control boxes and can run individually; as 2 x LP3 in parallel and/or with memory.

The LP3 is the perfect choice for height adjustment of treatment chairs, wheelchairs, operating tables, industrial workstations, technical workstations, etc.

  • Max thrust: 2,400 N
  • Max speed: 18 mm/s

Product data sheet

LP3 data sheet

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