The SLS is a safety limit switch used in LINAK linear actuator systems, where unintentional positioning must be prevented.


LINAK has designed a switch that can be mounted in connection with the 24V DC actuators: LA12, LA22, LA28, LA31, LA32, LA34, LA44, or BL1 and a control box on, for example, a bed frame. The SLS can be a safety feature, that cuts off the current to the actuator. 

The SLS is available with 1 or 2 switches (activated at the same time). It can be placed to prevent an unintentional positioning of the various frame segments in relation to each other or simply as an external limit switch to protect the frame against the full thrust of the actuator in the end position. The actuator stops immediately when the button is pressed. 

It is necessary to specify whether the actuator is moving out or in when the switch is activated and stops the actuator. The SLS can also be used as an external signal unit - for example, gives a signal to a control box. This signal can limit or interrupt the functions, for example, on a bed.

SLS data sheet

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DL2 system user manual

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