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Red Dot Design Award for LINAK virtual showroom

A collaboration between LINAK® and their digital design partner, Cadpeople, to create an immersive virtual showroom has been recognised with the Red Dot Award in the 'Brands & Communication Design' category under 'Digital Solutions'.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions and has a history spanning more than 60 years. Every year, the Red Dot Jury selects the most outstanding designs in their category for their innovation, functionality, and aesthetic approach. Together with Cadpeople, LINAK is very proud of this accolade, which acknowledges the concept and design of the project – as well as the collaborative teamwork behind the process.

Image of the reception area of the LINAK online showroom, a virtual playground for exploring linear actuators in 3D.


A collage of the initial concept sketches, depicting the design ideas that led to the creation of the interactive LINAK online showroom.

From hidden hero to centre stage

LINAK faced the challenge of showcasing their indispensable, yet sometimes inconspicuous products. Although electric actuators play a vital role in creating motion and enhancing functionality across various applications to improve people's lives, they are often hidden from sight in the final application.

The primary objective of the project was to devise an innovative and visually captivating concept that would not only unveil the broader context and impact of LINAK electric actuators, but also demonstrate the true customer value of these often hidden products.


The award-winning result is a virtual showroom that enables full circle storytelling around LINAK products by visualising them integrated into a range of applications in relevant 3D environments.

Kurt Deutschbein, Marketing Consultant, LINAK A/S.

The aim of our solution was not to simply show customers our products, but to engage with them and show how our approach and system thinking can help them design and build better applications.

Kurt Deutschbein, Marketing Consultant, LINAK A/S.

In an engaging digital showroom, products are firmly positioned front and centre as unsung heroes to demonstrate their functionality, flexibility and customer value.


The power of partnership

Of course, Cadpeople is also delighted to have their work recognised by the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Competition. With the new showroom reinforcing the reputation of LINAK as an innovative industry leader and emphasising its commitment to enhancing people's lives through movement, it can be considered a job well done and a testament to a successful creative partnership.

Thomas Juel, CSO & partner at Cadpeople.

It is exhilarating to see the impact we can make for customers with a solution that enables us to support their products throughout the entire value chain.

Thomas Juel, CSO & partner, Cadpeople.

Have a look around

You can experience the showroom for yourself by visiting the LINAK Virtual Showroom and see how Cadpeople’s design successfully transformed hidden components into visible heroes.

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What is a Red Dot Award?

The "Red Dot Award: Product Design" has roots dating back as far as 1955. Since then, this annual award has been given to the best products of the year. True to the motto: “In search of good design and innovation”, an international jury evaluates the products on individuality and originality. In 2023, products were submitted from 60 countries and judged in 51 competition categories by a jury of 43 members.

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