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News 06 October 2020

Desk booking system - easy and compatible with LINAK

More and more people are working from home. What seems to some to be a difficult situation can certainly have advantages for others. Many employees report that you can work more efficiently, family and work can be better combined. If you don't come to the office every day, and only spend part of your time in the home office, a permanent workplace with your own desk in the company is no longer necessary. The topic of desk sharing is gaining in importance.

Desk booking system - easy and compatible with LINAK

For desk sharing to really work, a booking system for desks is helpful. Which table can I use today? Do I still need a meeting room? Is my booked table still free when I come back to the office from the lunch break? All these questions must be answered by a good booking system.

The "Work" booking system from the Dutch company GoBright B.V. offers a clever system that makes it easy to make the most of workstations. A key distinguishing feature compared to other booking systems is connectivity. GoBright does not rely on Bluetooth or individual Wi-Fi connections for each table.

Desk booking system - easy and compatible with LINAK

The system uses a ZigBee network and connects the tables with the help of a gateway. This has many advantages. Especially with a large number of tables, Bluetooth connections or individual Wi-Fi points cause problems. Everyone knows this situation, for example, from trade fairs. With the GoBright system, the tables are booked via a visual representation of the office space and at the table this booking is confirmed with an RFID card. Booking via an app is also possible. Companies using this booking system can easily customise and change the visual map of their offices. This is necessary because tables are changed and rearranged again and again.

The Booking System is fully compatible with LINAK systems and has also been certified by LINAK. The table can be driven up and down with the GoBright control. The GoBright system also stores its own personal settings. An LED ring shows with different colors whether the table is free or whether it has been booked. There is also a "do not disturb" (blue) setting. In addition to the control element, there is another LED sticker that can be attached to the monitor, the acoustic wall or any other area of the table.

Is the table actually used when booked? GoBright's system can also answer this question. Each table is equipped with a sensor. If someone works at the table, the system recognises this. If you leave the table and the table remains unused for a longer period of time, the table is displayed as free in the system. It is also possible to evaluate the actual use of workplaces. All of this, of course, is done anonymously on request.

GoBright's booking system is easy to use and provides solutions for situations that other booking systems are difficult to deal with. It is compatible with sit/stand desks that use LINAK adjustment systems. Of course, it provides an interface to all major Office products such as Outlook, Google Calendar and other providers. "The mutual, fully certified connection between GoBright Solutions and LINAK adjustment systems gives LINAK users a big head start in today's office furniture market and a firm guarantee of long-term continuity," concludes Chris Wiegeraad of GoBright.

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