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News 06 January 2020

Enjoy a comfort bed with a silent alarm feature

With the LINAK® hand control HC40, you not only get thoroughly tested usability and sublime design, in the advanced editions of HC40 FRAME™ and HC40 TWIST™ you also have the option of a gentle massage as an alternative to a screaming alarm clock first thing in the morning.

We are all familiar with the situation. Your alarm clock goes off early, and you are not fast enough to hit the snooze button or turn it off before your partner wakes up too. He gets slightly disgruntled as he has another hour before he needs to get up. A day getting off to a bad start.

However, this situation is easily prevented. With the LINAK® hand control HC40 Advanced , you can offer your customers a ‘Silent Alarm’*.

It is quite simple really. When the alarm goes off, the only thing audible is the faint buzz of the massage motors, gently kneading your customer’s back until he or she has woken up.

Avoid waking up your partner with a noisy alarm – just use the silent alarm with the HC40 hand control for adjustable bedsAvoid waking your partner up with a noisy alarm – just use the silent alarm in the HC40 Advanced.

Read the full story on how this works, how it plays right into the off-lining trend, and how it allows YOU to brand yourself as a peace-keeping brand in the private home.

*Silent alarm function is only available for systems with massage motors.

Silent alarm uses the massage motors to wake up the user instead of an audible alarm.

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