News 10 September 2019

Desk Sensor™ 1 – a new collision protection for modern office desks

LINAK launches an entirely new Anti-Collision solution for desks. The new gyroscope-based solution is called Desk Sensor 1 and it senses both hard and soft obstacles and integrates easily with most LINAK® desk systems.

It is smaller than your normal USB Key – about the size of your ballpoint pen lid. It is the brand new LINAK Anti-Collision™ solution called Desk Sensor 1 (DS1). It integrates with almost any LINAK system for desks and is designed for Plug & Play™, making the small unit easy to add to your LINAK desk system.

Intelligent gyroscopic unit senses soft and hard obstacles
The cornerstone of this new and intelligent way of providing desk protection is a sensitive gyroscope unit inside the DS1. It enables the small and compact plug-in adapter (DS1) to detect even a slight tilt in the desk’s tabletop – whether the desk is driving up or down. Once it detects even the slightest tilt, movement stops and drives in the opposite direction to avoid collision and damage to the desk or the colliding object.

Another advantage of new Desk Sensor 1 Anti-Collision solution is that it detects both hard and soft obstacles. Whether your desk drives into a coffee cup placed on a pedestal below your desk or encounters a padded office chair, the desk will instantly detect this and react by stopping the desk and reversing the direction.

Desk Sensor 1 is plugged into CBD6S control box

Plug & Play - just plug the DS1 unit into your desk
Including the DS1 Anti-Collision unit in your LINAK office desk system is easy. For standard systems with a control box CBD6S, simply plug the unit into the control box, and your desk has Anti-Collision installed.

For systems using DL IC (integrated controller) lifting columns, the DS1 can be integrated using a T-Splitter and a serial cable.


Works with existing Anti-Collision solutions – and without
Optionally, Desk Sensor 1 can be combined with the well-known PIEZO™ Anti-Collision™ technology, ensuring an even higher level of Anti-Collision.

You can learn more about our Anti-Collision solutions for office desks on our Tech & Trends site.

For enquiries about the DS1 and how it can improve your electric desk adjustment solution, please contact your local LINAK® office.

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