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News 11 July 2019

Get behind the technology of spindles and gears in actuators

The spindle – a seemingly simple component. However, it is in fact the backbone of an electric linear actuator. The same is true about actuator gears. At the LINAK® Actuator Academy™ you can learn more about both the spindles and the gears of industrial actuators, and how they are directly related to the actuator efficiency and performance as well as service life.

Spindles and gears are two components you must know about, in order to fully understand modern electric actuators. To give you the basics, we have made a series of videos about actuator components where you can learn what makes a good industrial actuator. So, dive in and explore. In the videos below our expert Hunter talks about the technological details in spindles and gearing.

Spindles – the backbone of actuators
Learn more about spindle quality, spindle pitch, self-locking ability and actuator efficiency right here in this video.

Gearing – optimal performance
Are you interested in knowing about the functionality and durability of various gear types for industrial linear actuators? Take a look at this video to learn more.

New electric actuator knowledge
The newly founded Actuator Academy™, offers a learning universe about electric linear actuator technology.

LINAK Actuator Academy Logo

“If you are curious about technology and would like to expand your knowledge about electric movement solutions, this is the place to go,” says Morten Junker, Director of LINAK® TECHLINE®.

Welcome to the LINAK Actuator Academy for Industrial actuators. Visit for more videos.

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