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News 08 June 2018

The lifting column LC3 sets the standard for vertical lifting

It is quiet, powerful and improves safety around advanced medical equipment, such as operating tables, surgery chairs and X-ray applications. The new LINAK® lifting column LC3 adds a solid lift to complex and smooth movement in modern healthcare.

The new lifting column LC3 is the most powerful lifting column ever designed by LINAK®. This 3-stage lifting column is developed for high-end medical applications used in modern healthcare and offers several significant advantages, such as:

  • High bending moment
  • High speed up to 29 mm/s
  • Compact built-in dimensions
  • Low sound level (<50 dB)
  • Safety factor 5 

The LC3 has a high bending moment making it the perfect match for applications with large off-centre loads. For example, in X-ray tables where solid and stable movement is required. The powerful LC3 comes in push versions ranging from 4,000 N, 5,000 N and 6,000 N and pull versions up to 4,000 N. This enables you to accommodate most needs and requests. It moves with a unique quiet sound – even with substantial loads. 

With the demographic trend and the number of obese patients rising fast, the LC3 is able to handle heavy lifting in various hospital applications, such as operating tables and X-ray equipment. The high speed and advanced memory options ensure fast and easy positioning, adding to efficient working routines.

Safety is a key factor for LINAK. The LC3 comes with a safety factor of 5 in both push and pull, which is one of the best performances available on the market when it comes to lifting columns for healthcare applications.


The LC3 - made for optimised design
With the easy-to-clean aluminium profile, the lifting column LC3 is designed for applications such as operating tables, surgery chairs, and X-ray equipment. However, its ability to operate standing on the floor as well as hanging from the ceiling makes it ideal for many other applications. 

The LC3 comes in two compact versions with a minimum built-in dimension of 320 mm (standard) and a 440 mm version– the latter for heavy-duty performance. Both versions allow you to easily include the column in different applications. 

To optimise design and cleaning, it is possible to choose between more than 30 combinations of cable through the column. Mains, hand control, motor cable or earthed profile – just to mention a few options.

If you want to know more about the lifting column LC3, please contact your local LINAK office

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