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News 02 February 2017

Adjustable kitchens – a pioneering journey

A renovation of the Petersen Family’s kitchen in Nordborg, Denmark, ended up as a pioneering journey into a completely new chapter in private home décor.

Pioneers of adjustable kitchens case story
On the small and picturesque island of Als in Denmark, people are not afraid to challenge the status quo or improve existing standards. Several local companies hold world patents for innovative products and the people there are historically accustomed to change. 

For master painter Jorgen Petersen and his wife, Helle Petersen, an interior refurbishment of the family kitchen ended up being a milestone in kitchen innovation. 

Our kitchen was as old as the house itself,” Helle Petersen explains, “everything was worn down and the kitchen table was too low for us. So we basically had to tear everything in the kitchen down and start all over. And so we did!

Moving décor in the kitchen
On personal recommendation from friends and through Petersen’s professional network, the Danish specialist contractor Sonderborg Kitchen was singled out, and then things quickly took off.

The house is a mere 125 m² so we were very focused on getting the most out of the little space we have. We knew Sonderborg Kitchen was linked with quality and solutions that were a bit more advanced than your average table and shelf system,” says Helle Petersen.

Helle Petersen was delighted with the results: “Having all these features makes it such a pleasure and much more fun to cook.”

Read the whole story here to find out exactly how the Petersens made the most of their space.

The adjustable kitchen was installed in the Petersen family home in Nordborg during the summer of 2015. It was a pioneer project powered by LINAK and delivered by the Danish contractor, Sonderborg Kitchen.

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