Dual actuator systems

LINAK® TWINDRIVE® actuator systems provide smooth and comfortable movement in adjustable comfort furniture.

Dual actuator systems for comfort furniture

LINAK® TWINDRIVE® covers a dual actuator with a low noise level and small built-in dimension, giving maximum free space under the bed. It is an all-in-one unit concept – two actuators in one and an integrated control box. 

The unit is designed to integrate seamlessly – typically with a comfort bed – without interfering with the overall design.

TD is short for TWINDRIVE
All LINAK dual actuators carry a ‘TD’ in their name. This is short for TWINDRIVE® and signifies a product of the renowned LINAK quality.

System variants for different solutions
Revolving around the innovative dual actuator TD4, you have at least four different system variants. Which one is right for your application depends on your overall bed design.

TD4 Standard – this is ideal for slatted beds with a standard mattress size, and the need for adjustable backrest and leg support. 

TD4 Advanced – the advanced version was made for bed designs where extra actuators or accessories are desired. Basically, the TD4 Advanced allows you to add an extra control box and thereby create more adjustability options. 

TD4+ Standard – This edition of the TD4 Standard allows you to increase load from 4,500 N to 6,000 N.

TD4+ Advanced – This edition of the TD4 Advanced allows you to increase load from 4,500 N to 6,000 N.

In the comparison chart below, you can get an idea of the multiple TD4 system solutions and find a solution to match your needs.

Dual actuator TD4 comparison chart


LINAK TWINDRIVE® TD4 – your next generation of dual actuator systems play-icon

LINAK TWINDRIVE TD4 - your next generation of dual actuator systems

LINAK World class production play-icon

LINAK world-class production


HOMELINE product overview

Explore the variety of TWINDRIVE systems with low noise level and small built-in dimensions used in both box spring beds and slatted beds.

Expanding your comfort zone

When it comes to leisure beds, LINAK understands the need for safe and reliable actuator systems that work day after day. The TWINDRIVE system is the right system for bed manufacturers.

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