Dual actuator systems

LINAK TWINDRIVE® actuator systems provide smooth and comfortable movement in adjustable comfort furniture.

Dual actuator systems for comfort furniture

LINAK TWINDRIVE® is an “all-in-one” unit – two actuators in one unit with an integrated control box. The unit is extremely easy to integrate with a comfort bed or other similar furniture, without interfering with the overall design. The TWINDRIVE dual actuator system has a low noise level as well as small built-in dimensions, giving maximum free space underneath the bed. 

TD is short for TWINDRIVE®
LINAK dual actuators all start with the abbreviation TD. Which system you choose usually depends on your design requirements.

  • The TD32 is developed especially for leisure beds with box spring mattresses where a high level of force is needed to bend the mattress. Extra channels for massage motors come as standard
  • With the TD33 it is possible to connect various accessories and extra/external linear actuators for functions like neck adjustment.
  • The TD4 is ideal for bed designs with light mattresses where a moderate level of force is required and come with wireless controls and app options. It has a memory function, affording many additional optional functions. 

Enjoy a Plug & Play™ solution
LINAK systems are true systems. This means everything fits together across the product portfolio - simply Plug & Play. All TD actuators are compatible with the various comfort furniture controls, allowing you optimal freedom of design. 




LINAK TWINDRIVE TD4 - your next generation of dual actuator systems


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HOMELINE product overview

Explore the variety of TWINDRIVE systems with low noise level and small built-in dimensions used in both box spring beds and slatted beds.

Expanding your comfort zone

When it comes to leisure beds, LINAK understands the need for safe and reliable actuator systems that work day after day. The TWINDRIVE system is the right system for bed manufacturers.

TWINDRIVE TD4 wireless is the new standard

Explore the TD4, specially developed for comfort beds with a moderate need for power.

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