Alternative solution to mechanical brakes in various bed applications with OpenBus control boxes. Come with directional steering, motion sensor feedback, and protection rated IPx6.

Product description


The EBC - Electronic Brake Control - is designed for use together with 3rd party castors and the control systems CB OpenBus™, including JUMBO Care.

The EBC can replace traditional (mechanical) central locking systems for castors on healthcare beds or medical applications. This new system offers an increased freedom of application design as there is no need for a mechanical connection between the castors.

In order to reduce the number of fall injuries caused by a moving bed due to castors not being locked, the EBC has been equipped with an automatic brake sensor that detects when the bed has not been moved for a certain amount of time and locks the castors to put the bed in safe mode.

The increased ergonomics and efficiency of the EBC will help reduce the risk of injuries and attrition of healthcare staff leading to an improved working environment.

Product data sheet

EBC data sheet

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