The LINAK COBO is an interface communication box for control boxes with multiple actuator connections that require large battery backup. Available as IPX4 or IPX5 options.

Product description


The COBO is an interface box specially developed for use together with the JUMBO battery pack (BAJ1/BAJ2 and BAJL Li-Ion) and the CU20 control unit.

It is also possible to connect other 24V lead acid customer batteries or fixed power supply.

The COBO is to be used with the CU20 (instead of the CP20) for applications that need a large battery capacity (compared to BA20).

Typical uses of the COBO system are trolleys, stretchers or other mobile applications.

A COBO system offers benefits such as:

  • Large battery power for mobile applications
  • Drive of two actuators (parallel) or more actuators (up to six in total)
  • OpenBus compatibility enables information about charging and battery status on the hand control, only for LINAK batteries

Product data sheet

COBO data sheet

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2D / 3D

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Brochures & manuals

Linear actuators and electronics user manual

This user manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics. We are sure that your LINAK system will give you many years of problem-free operation.

Focus on stretchers

Full functionality, battery power and comfort for mobile applications. LINAK provides a system solution for stretchers, bed trolleys and other mobile applications.

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