News 04 June 2019

LINAK introduces new weighing solution for healthcare beds

Weight measuring system made for the hospital and care environments. It consists of the Quad Load Cell Interface 2 (QLCI2) and a display unit, the display hand control HB100, alternatively with the touch screen, Attendant Control Touch (ACT).

The LINAK Weighing Solution provides weight measuring equipment for various applications in hospital and care – typically mounted and connected in hospital beds.

With the weighing solution, caregivers can follow the weight development of patients, without having them leave the bed, saving time for the staff and increasing the comfort of the patient.

The LINAK® Weighing Solution for healthcare applications include the Quad Load Cell Interface 2 (QLCI2) and a weight readout unit. Either the display hand control HB100, or the multiple feature touch screen, Attendant Control Touch (ACT). 

The display hand control HB100 is a hand control with weight readout and the Out Of Bed (OOB) feature. It comes with a 2.4” colour display and an intuitive menu system.

The Attendant Control Touch is a full-featured touch screen with the weight readout included. The ACT offers a 9.5” touch screen with actuator controls and intelligent features.

The Quad Load Cell Interface 2 (QLCI2) is the brain of the system. It connects and manages the inputs from the four load cells and sends the information to the display units. The QLCI2 also features a gateway option, enabling a nurse call timer when the patient leaves the bed.


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