News 01 September 2015

IC - Integrated Controller

The World is a busy place and it is crucial to keep up with trends and changes. Companies need to be competitive to survive. To be competitive is to be cost-effective and ready for the future.

Prepare for the future with LINAK actuators with integrated controller

IC is the range of integrated control options for TECHLINE® actuators. They provide easy maintenance, control and installation, and a wide range of customisable settings and feedback that will help tailor the movement solution to your specific needs, regardless of application.

Cost-effective performance
Less downtime, less maintenance, faster set-up, clever control and more accuracy means better use of your application

Ready for the future
To be ready for the future, in our terminology, means having the most convenient, up-to-date and clever features for performing best in regards to control, accuracy and speed.

Competitive edge
Cost-effective performance and innovative technology for your application will help you enhance your competitive edge and Move for the Future.

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