News 14 July 2015

BAJL - battery pack Li-Ion

Green power that lasts longer.

Developed especially for patient lifts, LINAK proudly presents the new BAJL Li-Ion battery. Compared to lead-acid technology, the battery lifetime is 5 times longer, and is a cost effective solution with savings of up to 40% over the battery life time. BAJL is a low weight solution for easy battery replacement. It enables up to 50% more lifts per charge and has high performance for constant speed compared to lead-acid.

Reduced environmental impact

With lithium ion technology the environmental footprint is reduced compared to lead-acid batteries. The technology offers larger capacity, which means less charge time. Furthermore, the 40% weight reduction and the five times longer battery lifetime means less transportation of batteries totally, reducing CO2 emissions. Go for green power that lasts longer and choose between the BAJL – Battery Pack Li-ion in single or double capacity.

Learn more about the BAJL – Battery pack Li-Ion and other solutions for patient lifts.

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