Linear Actuators

DESKLINE linear actuators are mainly built-in actuators, which must be integrated in customer guidance designs. They offer customers optimum freedom of design for adjustment of all kinds of desks, workstations or kitchens.
The Baselift is a compact unit used for height adjustment of kitchens, cabinets and counters. With t...
The LA23 is e.g. ideal for adding tilt-function to a desk, so the table top can tilt or for adjustme...
LA31 DESKLINE electric linear actuators are very quiet and powerful actuators specially designed for...
DB5 built-in linear actuators have a slim metal motor housing to achieve very low installation dimen...
The DB6 is a three part telescopic built-in actuator that is designed with a slim metal motor housin...
DB14 built-in linear actuators are compact in-line actuators with low built-in dimensions and a long...
What is a Linear Actuator
An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational…
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